August 22, 2005


Whoops... it appears I didn't update last night. You'd think I would have had some time, because I was on duty for 24 hours, but nope...

So anywho... everyone is back at Duquesne. Yea! I was able to spend a whole day with my friends catching up. Sadly, classes start tomorrow. Classes? What the heck are those?... Oh... wait... I think I remember someone telling me that these things are the reason we go to college or something like that. We can get an "education" from these things. Oh...

So what picture is that?? Well, I snapped this when I stayed up in Conneaut Lake with Corey a couple years back. Ah... what a great sign. Brings back lots of memories of the summer... which... is... over for me. *sniff* Oh well... such is life.


At 2:45 PM, Anonymous alyssa said...

wooooo good luck with class.

awesome sign. i saw this one on the way to rehoboth that says "Gay Street" and then right below it it says "keep straight." actual road signs. i laughed for a very long time.


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