August 01, 2005

"Oh sure, communism works. In theory."

So this is the day before I leave for vacation. And the week before I go back to Duquesne. So hopefully, this'll be the view that I'll have when I'm down at Myrtle Beach. haha. This was from the hotel we stayed at when we were in Florida this January. So even though I'm going on vacation, I'm stressed out with getting everything ready for Duq. It should be alright though.

So I dunno if there is internet where we are staying. So, this might be the last blog for about a week or so. I don't know. But when we were in Florida, I just sniffed around until I could find an uncrypted wireless network, and then just piggybacked it. So, maybe I'll be able to blog down there.

I was out with my lil cousins again today. We went mini golfing and go-karting. Good family fun.

Oh, I saw online today that the Pittsburgh Tribune Review did an article about iPod thefts around Pittsburgh. There isn't really a crime spree going on, but it is interesting to read. Check it out here.

Not much else new. Oh, and I want to thank the people who leave comments. I really enjoy reading them :-)


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