August 20, 2005

The Waterfront...

So today, I was looking through the July 2005 edition of Pittsburgh Magazine. It shows what is going on throughout Pittsburgh this year. Well, i was flipping through the pages, and on page 21, it showed a picture of the Homestead smokestacks. I looked at the picture, and I said, "holy sh--, I took that exact same picture". Sure enough, I went though my photos on my computer, and found this pic, which I posted. The photos are almost identical. It was taken at the same place... just off the road when you turn into Lowes parking lot. I was just amazed that someone else had the exact same perspective as me. Kinda freaky.

Also, it appears that Matt Semler was in the picture for an ad for Act One Theatre School, on page 86. I highly doubt anyone else has this magazine, but some people at Duq might. They were handing them out the last couple of days.

So... that's pretty weird. It's a small world after all here in Pittsburgh...


At 5:16 PM, Anonymous Julie T said...

Dude, I saw that! I've been painting at my mom's friend's bridal store (I know, the connections) and she had it sitting in the back room, so I flipped through it while I was waiting for the paint to dry...and you're right, they're practically identical.

and um...*waves* Nice blog. *wanders around, looking in cupboards and helping herself to whatever's in the fridge*


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