August 02, 2005


Ok... quick post... I was online reading Engadget, and they had a short article about how you can "hack" an elevator. You can get to the floor you want quickly. Read the article here. That is too cool! haha

AND... you can "hack" crosswalk signals! You can change the "don't walk" to "walk" in just a few simple clicks. This is great. Check it out here.

That's all for now...


At 10:07 PM, Blogger carinne said...

I knew about the elevator thing... At work they just called it a "pass" but it skips all floors until it gets to yours. It's the same exact technique.

The only thing is that it really fucks up the elevator system. The elevators start to get 'stuck' on floors - where they just stop listening to the other floors when the up/down buttons are pressed. They never come to pick you up - you could wait forever. They get hardcore maintenence like every two weeks.

Or it could just be that the elevator system in the building sucks. Anyway that's my life altering experience for ya.


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