September 29, 2005

Another week...

Haha... this is Jojo at Towers... she actually posed for a camera phone pic. No one else will for some reason...

So, I handed in my deposit 2 days ago, so I'm officially going to China and Japan in May. I'm so EXCITED. But I found out that I don't need the credits for the class though, but I have to pay the tuition. So, I'm paying for a class that I don't need. Oh well, that's the only way I can go on the trip. That's why they invented student loans... so you can pay your debts later.

So I'm in the middle of another fun filled week of... work. I was scheduled to have 4 tests and a paper due this week, but, 3 of them plus the paper got pushed back to next week. Funny how things work like that. Well, that was a relief, but next week I'm going to die.

If anyone on my floor is reading this, sign up for my Sesame Inn floor program. We are eating down at the restaurant in Station Square for dinner, and the Office of Resident Life is footing the bill. It's October 6th, so sign up if you are interested. Free Chinese foo'!

I did some math yesterday, and I discovered that the average lifespan of my digital cameras are about 18 months. After 18 months, I sell it and get a new one. Why did I figure this out? Well, it occured to me, that this Asian trip is going to be the biggest photo trip I've ever been on, so I was deciding if my camera is good enough for the trip. And in my opinion... it is not. haha. I found out, that October is month number 16 on my current camera, so, I'll probably upgrade a couple of weeks before I go in May. I'm probably going to come back with over 1,000 photos... no joke. Actually, I would like to take more. If I'm there for 25 days, that's an average of about 40 photos. I hope to crush that number.

I'm coming home on Oct 7th for Homecoming on the 8th, so let me know if you want to do something. There's only so much Mark to go around... haha

That's all that I can think of offhand. I haven't had many comments in a while... so post some!

September 26, 2005


Another candid shot from my NYC trip... you can see Zoe Wandel and Steve Burton in the front talking to each other. This, of course, was taken in Times Square, shortly before going on TRL with Lindsey Lohan. Woohoo... she was less than 3 feet away from me.

Anywho, today I figured out a big part of my future. This May, I'm 90% sure I'm going to China and Japan with a group of students from the business school at Duquesne. I've always wanted to go somewhere out of this country, so I figured out this was a good idea. Some of the highlights of this trip are seeing Tokyo, Beijing, and going out to Tibet to see Mt. Everest. I'm not worried about the cost - you can't put a dollar figure on a trip of a lifetime. So, unless somehow 7 people sign up for the trip between now and tomorrow morning when I make my deposit, I'm pretty sure I'm going.

I also talked to my adviser today about my major. Information Systems Management is a good fit for me, but she also talked about double majoring with Supply Chain Management. I don't know much about the major yet, but it's only 2-4 additional classes. The majors "go well" with each other. I've thinking about either SCM, or Technology Marketing. She said I can probably double major, and still graduate a semester early, because of all the credits coming in from high school. Woohoo

I didn't forget about the news of the weird today. The Navy has trained dolphins to shoot divers in wetsuits with toxic darts attached to them (which is ironically close to the dolphins that had laser beams attached to their heads in Austin Powers). Well anyway, because of the hurricanes, they got loose into the Gulf of Mexico. So, if you are planning to go scuba diving anytime soon, I'd probably hold back on that till they resolve this. You can read about it here.

That's all I got right now... (cough cough JEN)

September 23, 2005

Hiya again...

Here's one of my pics when I went to NYC senior year. That was such a fun trip. I went with a Professional Development group, which basically had no point to go to NYC other than to have fun. Senior year was the first time I've been to NYC, and I don't want it to be my last.

So, after this week of school, I realized that I have some major tests coming up next week. Great. And I still have to write a paper on religion. So, maybe I should get started this weekend. I say it now, but will it ever be done? Probably not...

Recently, I pulled out my pedometer I got from work over the summer. I decided to have a go at it again, with the goal of 10,000 steps. Some days it's under, some days it's over, so I think on average I get about that many. It's easy, and sorta cool to see how many steps you took over the course of the day.

Tomorrow, Jordan and I are heading down to South Hills Village for the opening of the Apple Store. I can't wait. If anyone else is interested, they are giving away Apple t-shirts to the first 1,000 customers. The stores are always so cool. I'm glad they are building this one, because this is more convenient to get to than the Shadyside store.

GUESS WHAT THEY GOT AT OPTIONS NOW??? After months of complaining and bitching, they FINALLY got Heinz Ketchup. It's sooooooo much better than that Hellman's crap that they serve. I mean, you can practically SEE the Heinz plant on the North Shore, so why don't you use their ketchup? I can finally eat fries at Options now...

September 21, 2005

I need some zZz...

Here's the view from the back porch of St. Ann's. Nothing to spectacular, though. Great view of the field, aaaaaaand the parking garage.

So I realized something as I'm writing this. I don't think there was one time this semester so far that I went to bed before 2am. Not once. The sad part is, I keep on saying to myself, "I should go to bed early tonight." Well, that never happens. On weekends it's worse. The past 2 weekends, there were days that I didn't get to bed till past 5. Seriously though, I should get to bed earlier.

So, starting this Friday, I'm back with my job that I had last year... watering plants. My dad is a florist in the Strip District, and he has contracts with companies for plant maintenance. So, I'm the guy. I go downtown to different office buildings and water and care for their plants. Not a bad job, but my weeks are hectic enough as it is. But hey, I could always use some extra cash.

Not much else is going on presently. But what I can say, is how happy I am here at Duquesne. I can never get enough of the people that bring this campus alive. I feel that I play an important role at the University as an RA too. Even though classes get stressful, I don't want to trade a minute of it. This place rocks, and I don't ever want to leave. Now I'm thinking, should I go to grad school here? It's a possibility... I'm still uncertain how the next few years will play out, but I'm thrilled about how things are going right now. Thank you God for blessing me with this opportunity to be a student here at Duquesne.

September 19, 2005

There's $16 on the floor...

Hi everyone... long time no post. I probably should have updated on the account of doing pretty much nothing this whole weekend. Oh well, I'm here now.

Friday night I watched Batman, and went to the Southside for some hookah. I went to the Khan, which obviously wasn't the regular one we go to. I'll never go back to the Khan though - crappy band playing, horrible service, pointless $5 cover... bah. I'll stick to the Sphinx, thanks.

On Saturday, I played more Cranium than I probably should have - played a total of about 3-4 whole games or something like that. Tooooo much for one day. haha

Sunday was good. Stillers kicked butt, Simpsons were always great, and Family Guy was always hilarious. Played a lil' Halo, and on the way back from Towers, I found $16 on the ground. (take THAT Carinne lol)

This pic was this winter when our family was down in Florida... ahhhhhhhh...

So basically, nothing really new and exciting is going on. The news is slow, so I have nothing to report on. So... yeah...

September 15, 2005

Come on...

Hiya birdy...

Well, I'm done with classes for the week, which means I can sit back and relax for a little bit. So, like always, I browse the internet. I came across two very interesting articles. One article on Yahoo explains that there are rats missing from a lab that have the bubonic plague. Great. Read more about it here.

The other article caught me off guard. Guys, you know how we just got used to the Mach 3, with the 3 razors? I thought to myself, wow, 3 razors sure is a lot... it must be good. So I bought it. Then Schick a lil while back came out with a razor with 4 blades. Wow, how do they fit 4 blades on one razor head? I'm not quite sure. But not to be outdone, Gillette decided to up the ante and make a razor with 5 blades. 5 frickin blades. I mean, come on. Do people really NEED 5 razors to shave their beard and mustache? I'm not too sure, but the Gillette Fusion will be out soon in 2006.

I bet some people are saying to themselves, "I bet Mark needs 5 razors to shave his shoulders"... yeah... not funny.

September 14, 2005


Haha... great pic. This was when the RAs were playin cranium one night, and they had to act out something. What a great pic... haha

So here are some convos that I found doing a quick search on Google Desktop. I tried to make em clean, but I did what I could do. These all have some reference to something else, or are just plain funny. I'll be sure to find some more.

Oh, wanna search for specific topics in blogs?
It's a new search engine for all different types of blogs. Check out how many "Pearls Before Swine" titles are out there...

savestheday086: I WANT PICTIONARY
Arkisman: well, find some $
savestheday086: ok, yeah..let me just pull some out of my ass
taz82701: i didn't realize you had a single.....very fortunate, especially as a freshman.
me: ya
me: at least for now
me: i'll prob get stuck with a roommate
taz82701: well, you never know. is it a double but you live as a single?
me: yup
taz82701: okay, well that is how i had it, and between you and me..i didn't get a roommate second semester either. ;-) so, here's hoping.
me: i hope i don't
me: lol
(This was a convo before Byron moved in... lol)
malvavisco azul: apparently sex is like pringles...
malvavisco azul: wow make tyjat amazingly ficked up
malvavisco azul: i;m beyond drunks righjt now!
malvavisco azul: i'm, like... trahssed... one or two many shooorts of tacilla
AnnaWintourJr: I told my Mom how there was an article in US News about hookah, and how its becoming popular....and my Gram was in the car
AnnaWintourJr: and she was like "whats hookah?"
me: oh geez
AnnaWintourJr: so, i had to explain and my Mom goes "Communal smoking"
AnnaWintourJr: well, in the way back of my mind
(In reference to about a 3 hour conversation about terrorism and NYU)
psir151: alright well im going back to what college guys do
me: cool
psir151: dude why are you iming me from across the hall?
MattyRo18: so hows cliffy
me: cute
MattyRo18: lol
MattyRo18: and fishy?
me: that stinks
MattyRo18: how ironic of you to say that, i just farted

I dunno... i was bored. Leave some comments...

September 12, 2005

Living in America...

Hola everyone. It feels good to be writing again after a 2 days hiatus. I've probably gone for longer, but today, I said to myself, "You really need to update the blog."

This weekend was interesting to say the least. My cell phone somehow was permanently disabled (please don't ask me how... or why), so I had to switch over to the new phone immediately. But the phone is schweeeeet. It looks great, and is so thin too.

I was also on duty on Saturday night, so I had to remain in the building. Bunch of the RAs got together and played CRANIUM. Fun was had by all. After that, we did some "community building", and then went on rounds, which, were very interesting. The night kept you on your toes, to say the least.

w00t... so how bout those Stillers. Amazing stuff. Looks like a repeat of last season's 15-1 (hopefully this year, it'll be 16-0).

Oh, I didn't know how many of you noticed, but IM changed a bit. This probably changed a couple of weeks ago, but I'm sure it affects us all. AIM changed the maximum amount of buddies you can have. Instead of the 200 we all know, the new maximum is 350. I'm sure this will delight the people out there that buddy lists are swelling because of the new people they meet. I was happy when I heard about this...

Gracias does to Tanya once again for trying to fix my back. I've been having nagging lower back pains for the past 2 weeks, and I think with her recommendations, the pain will finally dissipate.

This featured picture was taken down in the Everglades in Florida, when I went down there in Jan '05. Miles and miles of nothing but lily pads and... water grass. It's pretty cool though. Lots of wildlife resides in the Everglades. If you never been, visit it. It's very beautiful.

September 11th has come and gone again... keep the spirit alive by saying a prayer or two to the families all around the US.

That's all for now. I promise, I will post the comments which I... promised to post for this blog edition... the NEXT entry. hehe...

September 09, 2005

Back in time...

So this pic came from all the way back in 2001... when digital cameras were just making their way mainstream. Cool little silhouette of my family on top of a sand dune, in OBX, NC. Shortly after I took this pic, I dove down the hill for fun, and sand got in the camera... not a good time trying to clean it out.

So, this is my big dilemma for the day... or week: I ordered a new phone / service (Cingular), because my contract expired (T-Mobile). Long story short, the phone arrived after my contract expired, so I signed up for another month with T-Mobile. But what gets me, is that I ordered the Black RAZR v3 phone, which is sitting right next to me. I just want to open it up and use it, but I have another 27 days with my contract. Should I crack it open? The thing is, I've seen plenty of new phones being announced, which will come out very shortly. Cingular just got the ROKR, which I explained in the last post. New phones coming out include the SLVR, and the PEBL, which are due very shortly. Also, the updated RAZR v3x is coming out soon. These phones kick ass. Should I wait, or crack open the RAZR right now? As you probably already know, I love technology, and hate it when it gets outdated. See, the RAZR has been out for a year already. I dunno what to do...

I'll post quotes probably in the next post... just incase you are waiting for them...

September 08, 2005

Comments please...

So this afternoon, after I was all done with classes, and after reading Alyssa's blog, I decided what I can find using Google Desktop. Sifting through the roughly 7,000 chats stored in my index, I was looking for good quotes that people have said to me. Instead of going through everyone I know, I'll post quotes of people that want to be included. So, POST A COMMENT with your name, and I'll find a good quote for ya. But only if you post a comment...

So, I originally heard this from Mobile PC mag, but Phil reminded me of this concept. So what do you if you are out at a party/bar or whatever, and someone else asks for your number, and you really don't want to give it to them? Well give it to them, but give the wrong number. I suggest 215-618-1505, or 781-382-3756. It tells whoever is calling them, that the person who you tried to reach really isn't interested in you. Haha... you got to try it. Just call the numbers (it's free - just uses minutes)... you'll get a chuckle out of it.

OOO... so, just in case some are trying to reach the site, make sure to not type the address incorrectly. won't work... just because the blogspot is spelled wrong, it sends you to some jerusalem bible site. So um... if you see that... you typed it wrong.

Oh, so the pic is from Myrtle Beach, just like every other pic recently. I actually woke up at the crack of dawn (I never knew there was a 6:00 am). Cool pic though...

So I hope tonight, I hope we can whip out Cranium and play with it... no pun intended. lol

Another Wed night...

Well here we are again smack dab in the middle of a week. Great... For me, Wednesday nights are absolutely the worst. I have Wednesday night class for about 3 hours, so that really cuts down on the studying / hw time. So that means I have to do it later in the night for my 3 classes on Thursday. So basically, here I am, typing this at 2am, with 2/3 of my hw done. Great.

This week sorta sucked so far. I found out that my freshmen flag football team wasn't put on the schedule, and there's nothing that can be done. So... our floor can't play. I also spent an hour on the phone with after I cancelled an order about a week ago, and today they decided to charge my credit card and ship it. Damn Oh, and tonight, I get yelled at from the night desk aid Don, because I tried to go over to the girls side of the building to talk to the RAs. I'M ALLOWED TO DON. READ THE VISITATION RULES. God... sry, I'm a little wound up over that one.

But anywho, i'll be much better at 3pm on Thursday, when I'm done with classes for the week.

So, today was a big day for Apple. They released their new iTunes/Motorola phone, ROKR, the new iPod Minis which are now called iPod Nanos (which are SO incredibly small), and iTunes 5.o. Check out any of the links to get more information. Those are some schweeeeeeeet products.

What a tranquil photo... I enjoy it.

Anyone have any comments about anything? You know, you DON'T have to be a member of blogger to post comments. You can post them anonymously, and then you can sign your name. It's easy. Try it!

September 06, 2005

What up Cliff...

Hey everyone! It has been a couple of days since I last posted, but I've been busy with random stuff. I was fortunate enough to be home for this weekend. 1.) Because my birthday was Sunday, and 2.) Labor Day was Monday.

This weekend was a blast. I got the most "happy birthday!" messages and greetings I have ever gotten in my life. For that, I thank facebook. haha...

Well, I'm about to go back into the swing of things this week. Even though I really don't want to, I guess we all have to go back to the grindstone. Hm... speaking of which, maybe I should finish up some of the hw I have for my 9:25 class that I have in... 8 hours. Great.

I'll be sure to write soon on something... interesting. haha

September 03, 2005

news of the weird...

First off, this is the first picture that... isn't a photo. But it was from my computer. This is why microsoft is so... messed up.

Speaking of bigtime tech companies, I just realized how much Google has changed the way I go on my computer.

1.) First off, my homepage is google.

2.) Want to email me? Arkisman at gmail (google's email system) .com.

3.) Google Mail notifier... says if any new mail comes in.

4.) Google Desktop - the new version (2.0) rocks. I'd recommend getting it if you don't already have it.

5.) GoogleGet - downloads Google News straight to my iPod.

6.) Google SMS - I found so many answers when I txt Google at #46645.

7.) Picassa - This Google photo management software really helps me organize my photos.

8.) Google Toolbar - I love clicking on the "check spelling" button and it scans my emails and forms that I fill out on the web for errors.

9.) This blog - Blogger, it Google's system.

and 10.) How did I find my picture of my house from space? Google Earth, aka Keyhole.

Google is much more than a search engine...

So anywho, remember that post I did a while back saying that your light bulb will text you if it goes out? Well, this is one better. Phillips made a PILLOW that scrolls your SMS across the pillow. Crazzzzzy... see it here.

September 01, 2005

woah... big spider...

Well, basically, I don't know what happened yesterday. I've kept track of my blog statistics (hits, unique visitors, etc), and recently, it's been slowly decreasing. But, for some reason, it increased 4 fold yesterday. Plus, I have tons of blog spam in my comments section. I can't tell if the comment from sexyblog was a real comment or not. Is my blog listed on some blog spam list? I dunno...

So anywho, this sure has been a crazy week. I got hw out the ass, and this job as an RA takes a lot of time away. But, I'm sure we all have time management problems, so you prob don't want to hear me rant about it.

But tonight was my first floor program. It went surprisingly well. I had a great turnout to see the Family Guy Movie, which, I don't want to say if I have it or not. lol

This weekend, I'll be back home. I'm coming home on Sat, enjoying my Birthday on Sunday, and hopefully catching a picnic on Monday. So if any Shalerites are reading, if you want to hook up, lemme know!

On Tuesday, I accidentally slept through my financial accounting class. whoops. Let's hope this doesn't happen again. I swear I set my alarm clock, but I subconsciously turned it off when it went off. So tonight, I'll be setting 2 alarms. It's a bad sign if you slept through your 3rd class of financial accounting... can't wait for the rest of the semester...

Oh, so that spider was hovering above Alicia's head when we were down in SC. That spider was HUGE. It sure is a cool picture though...