September 08, 2005

Another Wed night...

Well here we are again smack dab in the middle of a week. Great... For me, Wednesday nights are absolutely the worst. I have Wednesday night class for about 3 hours, so that really cuts down on the studying / hw time. So that means I have to do it later in the night for my 3 classes on Thursday. So basically, here I am, typing this at 2am, with 2/3 of my hw done. Great.

This week sorta sucked so far. I found out that my freshmen flag football team wasn't put on the schedule, and there's nothing that can be done. So... our floor can't play. I also spent an hour on the phone with after I cancelled an order about a week ago, and today they decided to charge my credit card and ship it. Damn Oh, and tonight, I get yelled at from the night desk aid Don, because I tried to go over to the girls side of the building to talk to the RAs. I'M ALLOWED TO DON. READ THE VISITATION RULES. God... sry, I'm a little wound up over that one.

But anywho, i'll be much better at 3pm on Thursday, when I'm done with classes for the week.

So, today was a big day for Apple. They released their new iTunes/Motorola phone, ROKR, the new iPod Minis which are now called iPod Nanos (which are SO incredibly small), and iTunes 5.o. Check out any of the links to get more information. Those are some schweeeeeeeet products.

What a tranquil photo... I enjoy it.

Anyone have any comments about anything? You know, you DON'T have to be a member of blogger to post comments. You can post them anonymously, and then you can sign your name. It's easy. Try it!


At 2:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Jackie said...

Aww Mark I love you and I'm sorry your week has been rough...the picture well it's quite tranquil. Here's two words that will be sure to get you through the remainder of the week...

CHINEE FOOOOOO!!!! (Aka the posse's return to the oh so fabulous Chinatown Inn on Friday)

At 11:49 AM, Anonymous alyssa said...

don't tell me what to do. i will leave comments when i damn well please.

what a loverly pic.


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