September 29, 2005

Another week...

Haha... this is Jojo at Towers... she actually posed for a camera phone pic. No one else will for some reason...

So, I handed in my deposit 2 days ago, so I'm officially going to China and Japan in May. I'm so EXCITED. But I found out that I don't need the credits for the class though, but I have to pay the tuition. So, I'm paying for a class that I don't need. Oh well, that's the only way I can go on the trip. That's why they invented student loans... so you can pay your debts later.

So I'm in the middle of another fun filled week of... work. I was scheduled to have 4 tests and a paper due this week, but, 3 of them plus the paper got pushed back to next week. Funny how things work like that. Well, that was a relief, but next week I'm going to die.

If anyone on my floor is reading this, sign up for my Sesame Inn floor program. We are eating down at the restaurant in Station Square for dinner, and the Office of Resident Life is footing the bill. It's October 6th, so sign up if you are interested. Free Chinese foo'!

I did some math yesterday, and I discovered that the average lifespan of my digital cameras are about 18 months. After 18 months, I sell it and get a new one. Why did I figure this out? Well, it occured to me, that this Asian trip is going to be the biggest photo trip I've ever been on, so I was deciding if my camera is good enough for the trip. And in my opinion... it is not. haha. I found out, that October is month number 16 on my current camera, so, I'll probably upgrade a couple of weeks before I go in May. I'm probably going to come back with over 1,000 photos... no joke. Actually, I would like to take more. If I'm there for 25 days, that's an average of about 40 photos. I hope to crush that number.

I'm coming home on Oct 7th for Homecoming on the 8th, so let me know if you want to do something. There's only so much Mark to go around... haha

That's all that I can think of offhand. I haven't had many comments in a while... so post some!


At 11:24 AM, Blogger drew said...

hey. i broke my old camera. Maybe I should buy yours!


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