September 26, 2005


Another candid shot from my NYC trip... you can see Zoe Wandel and Steve Burton in the front talking to each other. This, of course, was taken in Times Square, shortly before going on TRL with Lindsey Lohan. Woohoo... she was less than 3 feet away from me.

Anywho, today I figured out a big part of my future. This May, I'm 90% sure I'm going to China and Japan with a group of students from the business school at Duquesne. I've always wanted to go somewhere out of this country, so I figured out this was a good idea. Some of the highlights of this trip are seeing Tokyo, Beijing, and going out to Tibet to see Mt. Everest. I'm not worried about the cost - you can't put a dollar figure on a trip of a lifetime. So, unless somehow 7 people sign up for the trip between now and tomorrow morning when I make my deposit, I'm pretty sure I'm going.

I also talked to my adviser today about my major. Information Systems Management is a good fit for me, but she also talked about double majoring with Supply Chain Management. I don't know much about the major yet, but it's only 2-4 additional classes. The majors "go well" with each other. I've thinking about either SCM, or Technology Marketing. She said I can probably double major, and still graduate a semester early, because of all the credits coming in from high school. Woohoo

I didn't forget about the news of the weird today. The Navy has trained dolphins to shoot divers in wetsuits with toxic darts attached to them (which is ironically close to the dolphins that had laser beams attached to their heads in Austin Powers). Well anyway, because of the hurricanes, they got loose into the Gulf of Mexico. So, if you are planning to go scuba diving anytime soon, I'd probably hold back on that till they resolve this. You can read about it here.

That's all I got right now... (cough cough JEN)


At 9:06 PM, Blogger carinne said...

Is that Zoe & Steve burton in front of you?

At 9:48 PM, Blogger Lauren said...

I'm majoring in Supply Chain, it's just information systems on a broader scale. They're pretty much the same thing. So I'd suggest taking the classes.


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