September 14, 2005


Haha... great pic. This was when the RAs were playin cranium one night, and they had to act out something. What a great pic... haha

So here are some convos that I found doing a quick search on Google Desktop. I tried to make em clean, but I did what I could do. These all have some reference to something else, or are just plain funny. I'll be sure to find some more.

Oh, wanna search for specific topics in blogs?
It's a new search engine for all different types of blogs. Check out how many "Pearls Before Swine" titles are out there...

savestheday086: I WANT PICTIONARY
Arkisman: well, find some $
savestheday086: ok, yeah..let me just pull some out of my ass
taz82701: i didn't realize you had a single.....very fortunate, especially as a freshman.
me: ya
me: at least for now
me: i'll prob get stuck with a roommate
taz82701: well, you never know. is it a double but you live as a single?
me: yup
taz82701: okay, well that is how i had it, and between you and me..i didn't get a roommate second semester either. ;-) so, here's hoping.
me: i hope i don't
me: lol
(This was a convo before Byron moved in... lol)
malvavisco azul: apparently sex is like pringles...
malvavisco azul: wow make tyjat amazingly ficked up
malvavisco azul: i;m beyond drunks righjt now!
malvavisco azul: i'm, like... trahssed... one or two many shooorts of tacilla
AnnaWintourJr: I told my Mom how there was an article in US News about hookah, and how its becoming popular....and my Gram was in the car
AnnaWintourJr: and she was like "whats hookah?"
me: oh geez
AnnaWintourJr: so, i had to explain and my Mom goes "Communal smoking"
AnnaWintourJr: well, in the way back of my mind
(In reference to about a 3 hour conversation about terrorism and NYU)
psir151: alright well im going back to what college guys do
me: cool
psir151: dude why are you iming me from across the hall?
MattyRo18: so hows cliffy
me: cute
MattyRo18: lol
MattyRo18: and fishy?
me: that stinks
MattyRo18: how ironic of you to say that, i just farted

I dunno... i was bored. Leave some comments...


At 12:58 AM, Anonymous jojo said...

LMAO thanks Marko

At 2:02 AM, Anonymous MyShell said...

Oh Markus, how I appreciate the mention in your journal.

And you know, you would have missed me terribly if I went to the way back of your mind, you wanted me to stay.

At 2:49 AM, Blogger darrelclinton1654 said...

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At 11:59 AM, Anonymous alyssa said...

what are those people trying to act out?

At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Byron Craig Puddin Wade said...

I wish I could have had a single my second semester too. Instead I got stuck with you. I even tried to move in with Auschwitz instead of you. Hahaha. P.S. Rocky told me about how you two were talking about my Christmas lights and eclectic music tastes. Have a good one.


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