September 21, 2005

I need some zZz...

Here's the view from the back porch of St. Ann's. Nothing to spectacular, though. Great view of the field, aaaaaaand the parking garage.

So I realized something as I'm writing this. I don't think there was one time this semester so far that I went to bed before 2am. Not once. The sad part is, I keep on saying to myself, "I should go to bed early tonight." Well, that never happens. On weekends it's worse. The past 2 weekends, there were days that I didn't get to bed till past 5. Seriously though, I should get to bed earlier.

So, starting this Friday, I'm back with my job that I had last year... watering plants. My dad is a florist in the Strip District, and he has contracts with companies for plant maintenance. So, I'm the guy. I go downtown to different office buildings and water and care for their plants. Not a bad job, but my weeks are hectic enough as it is. But hey, I could always use some extra cash.

Not much else is going on presently. But what I can say, is how happy I am here at Duquesne. I can never get enough of the people that bring this campus alive. I feel that I play an important role at the University as an RA too. Even though classes get stressful, I don't want to trade a minute of it. This place rocks, and I don't ever want to leave. Now I'm thinking, should I go to grad school here? It's a possibility... I'm still uncertain how the next few years will play out, but I'm thrilled about how things are going right now. Thank you God for blessing me with this opportunity to be a student here at Duquesne.


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