October 30, 2005

More religious occurences...

Ok... so, kudos for my mom on this post. I dunno how she does it, but she finds things on the internet that I didn't even hear about.

So first up is a fish bone that resembles Jesus. Yes, a fish bone. Just when you thought the pope on a pancake was enough. They couple that owns it said it has brought them good luck for years, and now they are selling it on eBay. Check out the article here.

Another thing spotted was on the doppler radar when Hurricane Wilma come over across Florida. Something appeared in the eye when it made landfall. I can't link the picture, so you are just going to have to check out the website here. You can also watch the video.

So what's new with me? Not much... if I can get some research done for a paper due soon, I'll be in good shape. I got my new watch on Friday, so I'm very excited about that. Also, if you are in St. Ann's, make sure to check out my new bulletin board on academic integrity.

October 28, 2005

Dinner at 5?

mmm... I'm hungry. So I was searching for a picture that had something to do with food so I can make a post. Hence, here's a picture of the Primanti Bros restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale. Oh man, I could really go for one of their sandwiches right now...

I swear... it better not rain again. I'm watering again tomorrow. I was talking to my mom, and she reminded me of something else that I HATE when I am delivering flowers. No matter when or where, if someone sees me on the street carrying flowers, they say, "Are those flowers for me?" or, "Oh how nice... you shouldn't have". Yes, I my goal was to carry around a delivery and give it to the first person I saw. C'mon people...

Ok... I think I got enough of my anger towards people and plants/flowers. I appreciate all the comments... I probably should have thrown the water at her. She was so rude... and then just laughed in my face as I walked away. Oh well...

So, you know how you have a ritual, and you pretty much follow it everyday? Yeah, well my friends and I do. We eat dinner at about the same time everyday... 5pm. Well, someone asked at lunch (name will be concealed) if we can eat dinner at 5:30. We didn't think much of it, until it got to about 4:30. And then the phone calls started. The calls sorta resembled something like this:

"Wait Mark... are we eating at 5, or 5:30?"
me: "I dunno, some people need to eat at 5 because of a test at 6."

Another call:
"Someone said that they were going to eat around 5:15"
me: "5:15? I thought we were going at 5?"

Another call:
"Isn't dinner at 5?"
me: "Well, yeah... but some people want to eat later at around 5:30... i dunno... when are you eating?"
"Whenever you go"

Another call:
"What time are you going to eat dinner?"
me: "AHHH... I have no clue... we always go at 5... why can't we go at 5?"
"I dunno... someone didn't want to"

discussion with people outside of the dorms while on the phone:
"So and so doesn't want to eat now... he is going at 5:15"
me: "Well... I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE... I'm just going"
"Wait hold on... I'm coming with you"

So, basically, just stick to your routines people. It makes life a whole lot easier, and a whole lot less stressful.

October 24, 2005

C'mon people...

Alright... so as many of you already know (or not), during the week, I go downtown to water plants. It's my job - my dad is a florist and he has contracts with businesses for regular plant maintenance - so I'm the guy who goes around to office buildings downtown.

Anywho, I found out the worst time to go downtown with my watering cans... it's when it was raining. It's not because of the obvious factors that I'm getting wet and it's miserable... it's the fact that people don't understand what I'm doing. I was stopped 5 times by random people today and asked what I was doing with watering cans. "Why are you holding watering cans? It's raining." Really?? I didn't notice dumbass. Additionally, I was walking along 7th Avenue today, and I had a little water left in my cans from the previous job I did. Along the sidewalk are trees. I emptied what little water I had left, and this girl who was walking up to me, stopped in her tracks with a dumbfounded look on her face. Yes, I know it's raining lady, but what do you want me to do with this extra water? Throw it at you?? She walked past me, and started to laugh hysterically. Maybe I should have thrown water at you.

It didn't end there. I came into Subway to grab a sandwich, still holding the watering cans. As I presented my order, the lady behind the counter said, "You are watering plants in the rain?" AHHHHHHHH... it took every ounce of strength I had to not beat her with the 2 plastic cans I held.

Normally, I do not get any comments, and no one goes out of their way to say something to me. But when it's raining... oh man...

October 22, 2005

Items of the week...

Here's another pic of that dog of mine... I think he's getting cuter as he ages. Now, if we can only teach him to let one of us know when he needs to go out to go to the bathroom - that'll be great.

I'm stuck in another week of tests and papers - not fun. You know it's bad when you go to the library on a Saturday night to do some research. But, such is life.

Last night, my watch battery finally died. You probably are thinking "so what... it's a battery". Well, it's a lil different situation for me. A little part of me died last night. I have worn this watch every single day since 10th grade. I feel naked without it. Unfortunately, I don't have access to a car, so prob will not be able to go out to the mall and get a new battery anytime soon. My watch is so scratched up, but I still actually get complements on how nice it looks. Should I replace the battery that'll prob cost about $20, or just go out and buy a new one? Decisions, decisions...

Also last night, a bunch of us went up to our friend Stacy's house for a haunted hay ride and a sleepover. Stayed up till about 4 high on sugar from candy and playing euchre. Sounds fun to me. haha

Another gripe I have this week - China Wok raised their prices. Sure, they raised it by about 25-30 cents for each item, but that really adds up to college students that don't have much extra income lying around. What is this world coming to?

October 19, 2005


Here's another installment of "Mark's Pimp Picutres". haha. But, this is the second of the two pictures that I have like this. So why am I holding that money? Basically, I was paid for something that cost $230 in ten dollar bills.

What else is going on... um... today I gave blood here at Duquesne. It went fine, but when I was halfway done, a girl who finished before me got up and went to get a drink. She didn't make it. She collapsed on the floor in front of me. Giving blood obviously makes you more succeptable to that kind of stuff, but I never saw anyone actually faint. So, they rushed over a wheelchair, and she felt better after about 15 mins.

On Friday, I'm heading up to Stacy's house with our friends for a "haunted hayride". Sounds corny, but I'm really looking forward to it. I'm one of about, 10 people who will be spending the night... this should be interesting. haha

That's all I got for now. There also isn't much news to report on either. I was hoping for an SMS toothbrush or something to come out... it'll text you when it needs replaced. Oh well, I'll keep dreaming...

October 16, 2005


Hiya... I'm coming off of an enjoyable week here at Duquesne. Easy week of classes and little hw, but I got back the midterm grades, and I would like to have done better. But you can only do so much...

So on Friday night, a bunch of us went to Fright Night at Kennywood. It was a lot of fun, and very well themed. This picture of the Phantom's Revenge (albeit not the greatest picture in the world... I don't like the camera phone quality), adds to the spookiness and the scariness of the night (if those two are words). I don't really know how the picture came out red. I was standing under a green light, and the skyline was a bit yellow to the naked eye, but I guess when you mix those colors together somehow, scientifically for the camera it comes out red. Kinda cool though.

Today, I'm on duty for Sat night and I have been doing things around here. Did a boatload of laundry, and strung Christmas lights in my room already. I got the idea from my roomie last year, in which we had Christmas lights in our room until we moved out in May. Also, the freshman talent show was today. As a staff of our building, we had to perform an act. We swing danced. Basically, we rocked the house. The other building's staffs couldn't even compare to the energy and enthusiasm that we had. It was actually quite fun to get up in front of a large crowd and dance, which was surprising to me. I'll try to find some pictures of us at the show for you guys.

Right before I wrote this post, I found an article explaining what can be in your pillow. Basically, it's a breeding ground for fungus and such. Great. I washed my pillowcases before I read this today... haha. So if you dare, check out the link here.

Well I'm off to bed in my freshly washed sheets. Nite' nite'...

October 11, 2005

Holy Pope...

Ok... I'm not making this stuff up. According to this article, someone was making breakfast (pancakes), and lo-and-behold, she flipped a pancake, and an image of the pope appeared. This is just amazing. What is with the religious symbols on breakfast materials? First it was the Virgin Mary on a piece of toast, now this. She claims it happened randomly with butter... I believe her though. Next time you are making a waffle at Towers, watch for a picture of Jesus being crucified.


Colorful, isn't it? This was the ceiling at the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas, by... someone who I forgot. Those are glass sculptures hanging off of the ceiling.

Go Stillers! What a crazy game. The game just... overall sucked, but we came out on top. Can someone explain to me how that one play was called for fair catch interference?? Whatev... a win is a win.

So um... I somehow have to learn how to swing dance by Saturday, for the freshman talent show that I have to partake in. Hm... I need a lot more practice. Anyone out there know some advanced/cool moves?

Don't you hate in the morning when you want to boil some water, but you don't want to get out of bed? I know I hate that. That's why a company invented a SMS kettle that you can send text messages to, so you can ask it to boil some water. This is the definition of laziness right there... read it here.

Not much else going on, except I had about a 30 minute conversation with someone about peanut butter. That... was definitely weird.


October 07, 2005

What happens here, stays here...

Hey everyone! I survived my little hell week that I had. 3 midterms, 1 paper, and a 100 page book are all under my belt. Now I all that I'm looking forward too is doing absolutely nothing this weekend.

So who here is going to homecoming? Anyone coming home from... say... across the state? across the country? across the world? If so, please give me a call over the weekend. Let's hook up at ENP, and reminisce.

So I took my floor down to Sesame Inn in Station Square for a floor dinner. I went with another RA (Erin) and her floor. I don't think it could have went better. The food was great, service was superb, and my faculty member (Dr. Spangler) really enjoyed spending time with us. And the bill was footed by ORL, so I didn't pay a dime. It really was a great experience.

I was going through the tech news again, and I found that they changed the ruling on the transition over to digital tv. They were expecting to cut off analog broadcasting for good, and switch to only digital. The current law sets the deadline as either December 31, 2006 or when 85 percent of the television audience can receive digital, whichever comes later. But instead, they pushed back the deadline to 2009. Why does this matter? Because it'll be even longer now before we all get high quality tv. Looks like those uber cool plasma and DLP tvs won't be dropping in price anytime soon.

And also, it appears that a bomb squad robot successfully disarmed a bomb that someone had in their mouth. Actually, there wasn't really a bomb, but the picture looks pretty funny. Check it here.

Oh, I couldn't decide what picture to put up on today's post. So, I found my album when I traveled out west to Vegas and the national parks, and decided on those pics. The Monte Carlo looks pretty nice in that pic...

Finally, I'd like everyone to know how much it sucks getting in 3rd place in poker. It... really blows. You play all that time, and you come away with nothing. I wouldn't be so upset, but this is the 3rd time it happened to me in the last 3 games I played with people :-(

October 03, 2005

Oh boy...

Here's a pic of PPG Plaza, from one of those "mirror dinosaurs" that they have. Kinda an intersesting perpective. Multiple different angles and views. I like it.

Well the week I've been dreading is here. Monday I have a take home midterm, which I'm almost done, a paper due for Theology on Tuesday, a Business Stats Midterm on Tuesday, and a freakishly hard Business Law midterm that my teacher said on average, over half fail the first midterm. Great. Not looking forward to this. So, forgive me if I don't put up a new post in the next couple of days. I'll get around to it eventually.

This weekend should be fun, if it ever comes. I'll be home friday night, and then homecoming is on Saturday. Then, back to Duquesne hopefully for Fright Night at Kennywood with my pals, and then back home Sunday for a family get together.

I'm going to try and get to bed by 1:30... and to do that, I should probably start to get ready now. Later...

October 01, 2005

I hate being on duty...

What's going on boys and girls. It's time for another update. My name is Mark, and I'll be your tour guide through this post. So, sit back, buckle your seat belt, and enjoy the ride.

Haha. But seriously, not much is going on. Here I am stuck in the building on duty, waiting for people to return from their Friday night festivities. I always dread rounds on Friday night... you always find something. I should probably refrain from saying anything, because... I'm not allowed to talk about it. But anyway, it's going to be one of those nights. woohoo.

Oh, forgot to mention... this was just a random PPG fountain pic when Jordan and I went downtown on a photo safari. He has some cool pictures listed at his DevArt site. Make sure to check it out.

I came across a new product tonight, which leads me to ask... "why didn't anyone think of this before?" Well, I think there is a good reason no one did. BLACK toilet paper. Who comes up with these things? Well, I guess it is more chic and aesthetically pleasing with the contrast of the colors when you wipe, but besides that, it's nothing different. Read about it here.

Well, I'm off to a fun night folding laundry and organizing papers in my room, and probably will vacuum too. Later...