October 11, 2005


Colorful, isn't it? This was the ceiling at the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas, by... someone who I forgot. Those are glass sculptures hanging off of the ceiling.

Go Stillers! What a crazy game. The game just... overall sucked, but we came out on top. Can someone explain to me how that one play was called for fair catch interference?? Whatev... a win is a win.

So um... I somehow have to learn how to swing dance by Saturday, for the freshman talent show that I have to partake in. Hm... I need a lot more practice. Anyone out there know some advanced/cool moves?

Don't you hate in the morning when you want to boil some water, but you don't want to get out of bed? I know I hate that. That's why a company invented a SMS kettle that you can send text messages to, so you can ask it to boil some water. This is the definition of laziness right there... read it here.

Not much else going on, except I had about a 30 minute conversation with someone about peanut butter. That... was definitely weird.



At 1:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9:24 AM, Anonymous MyShell said...

At least it was only 30 minutes....you could have been going off for three hours on a topic...



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