October 01, 2005

I hate being on duty...

What's going on boys and girls. It's time for another update. My name is Mark, and I'll be your tour guide through this post. So, sit back, buckle your seat belt, and enjoy the ride.

Haha. But seriously, not much is going on. Here I am stuck in the building on duty, waiting for people to return from their Friday night festivities. I always dread rounds on Friday night... you always find something. I should probably refrain from saying anything, because... I'm not allowed to talk about it. But anyway, it's going to be one of those nights. woohoo.

Oh, forgot to mention... this was just a random PPG fountain pic when Jordan and I went downtown on a photo safari. He has some cool pictures listed at his DevArt site. Make sure to check it out.

I came across a new product tonight, which leads me to ask... "why didn't anyone think of this before?" Well, I think there is a good reason no one did. BLACK toilet paper. Who comes up with these things? Well, I guess it is more chic and aesthetically pleasing with the contrast of the colors when you wipe, but besides that, it's nothing different. Read about it here.

Well, I'm off to a fun night folding laundry and organizing papers in my room, and probably will vacuum too. Later...


At 8:31 PM, Anonymous jojo said...

hey! thanks for the link :-D


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