October 22, 2005

Items of the week...

Here's another pic of that dog of mine... I think he's getting cuter as he ages. Now, if we can only teach him to let one of us know when he needs to go out to go to the bathroom - that'll be great.

I'm stuck in another week of tests and papers - not fun. You know it's bad when you go to the library on a Saturday night to do some research. But, such is life.

Last night, my watch battery finally died. You probably are thinking "so what... it's a battery". Well, it's a lil different situation for me. A little part of me died last night. I have worn this watch every single day since 10th grade. I feel naked without it. Unfortunately, I don't have access to a car, so prob will not be able to go out to the mall and get a new battery anytime soon. My watch is so scratched up, but I still actually get complements on how nice it looks. Should I replace the battery that'll prob cost about $20, or just go out and buy a new one? Decisions, decisions...

Also last night, a bunch of us went up to our friend Stacy's house for a haunted hay ride and a sleepover. Stayed up till about 4 high on sugar from candy and playing euchre. Sounds fun to me. haha

Another gripe I have this week - China Wok raised their prices. Sure, they raised it by about 25-30 cents for each item, but that really adds up to college students that don't have much extra income lying around. What is this world coming to?


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At 2:25 PM, Anonymous jojo said...

a new watch battery costs $3.99 at Radio Shack and they'll probably put it in for free... lol


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