October 16, 2005


Hiya... I'm coming off of an enjoyable week here at Duquesne. Easy week of classes and little hw, but I got back the midterm grades, and I would like to have done better. But you can only do so much...

So on Friday night, a bunch of us went to Fright Night at Kennywood. It was a lot of fun, and very well themed. This picture of the Phantom's Revenge (albeit not the greatest picture in the world... I don't like the camera phone quality), adds to the spookiness and the scariness of the night (if those two are words). I don't really know how the picture came out red. I was standing under a green light, and the skyline was a bit yellow to the naked eye, but I guess when you mix those colors together somehow, scientifically for the camera it comes out red. Kinda cool though.

Today, I'm on duty for Sat night and I have been doing things around here. Did a boatload of laundry, and strung Christmas lights in my room already. I got the idea from my roomie last year, in which we had Christmas lights in our room until we moved out in May. Also, the freshman talent show was today. As a staff of our building, we had to perform an act. We swing danced. Basically, we rocked the house. The other building's staffs couldn't even compare to the energy and enthusiasm that we had. It was actually quite fun to get up in front of a large crowd and dance, which was surprising to me. I'll try to find some pictures of us at the show for you guys.

Right before I wrote this post, I found an article explaining what can be in your pillow. Basically, it's a breeding ground for fungus and such. Great. I washed my pillowcases before I read this today... haha. So if you dare, check out the link here.

Well I'm off to bed in my freshly washed sheets. Nite' nite'...


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