November 29, 2005

Snap back to reality...

Hola everyone. I hope yinz had a great Thanksgiving break. I sure did. I spent the week with my family mostly, caught up with some friends, and worked with my dad. The food on Thanksgiving was fantastic, and I was stuffed. Gobble gobble.

This is another picture from my gallery... taken at Phipps Conservatory last spring.

Oh... so I have to mention the fun time I had over break with Lys, Ash, Shell, Steph, and Chris. We went bowling at the famous Arsenal Bowling Alley (voted best alley 2 years in a row... haha), had a snowball fight that lasted throughout the night, in which I almost hit a random girl at Borders and "supposedly" threw a snowball at Ash's upholstry, and ended with a discussion that Ash's mom is a drug dealer and a delectible ENP Breakfast Smile with double bacon with a side of butter and syrup. Yum. We have to do that again...

Alrighty... so it's time to announce the winner of the contest. I wasn't sure if anyone realized, but there was a little clue hidden in the last post. If you click on the fireworks photo, it says IMG_5225. So, I took at least that many. But it seems like everyone guessed over that, so... that's good.

So how many did I take? I estimated that I took... 8175 photos. So that means... Jordan (Jojo) is our winner. Congrats Jordan. What does he win? Well, he wins a FREE Shick Quattro Midnight razor with a FREE traveling case (a $9.99 combined value!) I bet everyone is jealous of him now. haha. Now, if a girl won, I was going to get something else... and in case someone lived far away from Pittsburgh, I was going to give away a iTunes gift card. So... congrats!

Until next time..

P.S... spell check isn't working again tonight, so... shush...

November 25, 2005

Trivia time...

First off, here is another pic from The Point last week. I sure love fireworks...

Ok... secondly, I've been considering what to do about this trivia contest that I've been thinking about. I realized that many of my friends that are reading this that I know from Duquesne, and many reading this went to old Shaler High, and then my family reads this too. So, I ruled out any questions that have dealt with my history... I wanted to give everyone a fair shot at this. Also, I wasn't sure how to do all this with Blogger without linking to another site to do it, so I made it simple. There is just one question. Guess once by placing your answer in the comments section. (And yes... you can comment even if you aren't a member of Blogger... you have no idea how many people asked me that).

So, over the past 4-5 years, I have an extensive collection of pictures. So I thought to myself, how many have I actually taken? I'm counting the ones that I have currently saved on my pc, and the other ones that I have deleted. How have I come up with a number? Digital cameras use a numbering system, starting with IMG_0001 (with Canon cameras), so if you take a picture and delete it immediately, it still counts. I have a good estimate of the pictures taken... it's hard, because my I'm trying to guess how many taken on my Sony MVC-FD75, Kodak DC3200, Canon A40, Canon A80, Motorola v300, and Motorola V3. So, how many pictures have I taken?

Winner closest to the answer will definitely receive something of value... at least $3. haha

Good luck......................

November 21, 2005

Light Up Night '05...

Ho ho ho... 'tis the season. Or at least, the city of Pittsburgh thinks it is. Friday night was Light Up Night, or as Amanda calls it, "Light up the World Night" (beats me where she got that from). Light Up Night is a fantastic time where people come to downtown Pittsburgh to ring in the Christmas season. I've came down to this for the past 4 years or so, and loved every single time. I went with my friends from Duquesne, or, at least, the people that still were there, because Friday was the last day of classes, so many went on home. This years moments included PPG Plaza, Gateway Center, and Point State Park for the fireworks. Other events that occurred within our group:

-eating ice cream outside while it was about 35 degrees, but it was fun non-of-the-less

-witnessed a pseudo-fight in Market Square, and I went up to the fight to take some pictures, but I stuck out my camera without aiming, so upon review, I didn't capture it:-(

-Hitting up the Udderly Smooth giant cow in Gateway Center for some free samples

-Trying to get some free cookies from a old woman in one of the booths, and got both free cookies and a Bible

-3 words: Frownie the Brownie. The costume makes him look sad, but the brownies were awesome

-spending 15 minutes watching a crane slowly lower and raise itself, because there was a rumor of them putting a reindeer on the roof... needless to say, that didn't happen, and was a waste of our time

-getting yelled at the manager of the McDonald's, because we ordered our food, and we were standing because there was no where to sit... we got kicked out...

-getting the back of my feet stepped on about... 50 times

-Niki finding me at The Point... nuff said

I always have fun at these events... this year was no exception.

Getting off the subject a lil, this past week was the week of that guy in Pennsylvania who killed his girlfriends mom, and drove across state lines or something like that. Normally, I don't pay attention to these things, but this case did. The killer's last name was Ludwig. Ah geez. Ludwig. What are the odds? I didn't think much of it, until I got to the library one evening. I was checking out some books, and I handed my school ID to the librarian. She looks at the card, looks at me, looks at the card again, and says to me, "You aren't the guy who killed all those people... right?" HAHA. Yes lady, I'm the guy... now, I'm standing here in the Duquesne Gumberg Library checking out books about "Latin and African American Women at Work". You caught me... call the cops. But regardless, this is one of at least 4 comments I received randomly throughout the week...

November 17, 2005

Quack Quack...

Here are some ducks on an photo trip downtown with Jordan. Er... I guess they aren't ducks... (Geese right?) Well I still enjoy the pic anyway...

Hey everyone... sry I haven't updated in a while again, but this is one of those weeks. All i can say is... 2 more days... then I'm off for Thxgiving break. Friday can't come soon enough. So, I'll be home for the week starting Saturday, so... let's do lunch (whoever is reading this :-P )...

Some good news - I didn't have to reformat my hard drive and reinstall Windows. Instead, I just ran about 2 dozen tests, scans, and updates, and it seems to be working fine now. So, cross your fingers...

Last Saturday I was able to spend part of the Day with Alicia, whom I haven't seen in a while. We went out to Century III, which I finally got some cheap Duq clothes that I've wanted since I came to Duquesne. Needless to say, the trip was the highlight of my stress-filled week.

Well, I'm sorry to keep it short, but my night is far from being over, so I'll be sure to post a better one when I have some free time. Maybe then I'll do my trivia contest I've been talking about. Stay tuned...

November 12, 2005

One week to go...

So who knew everyone loves that "Airline" show? Kinda amazed at the response I got. It is a good show. Speaking of A&E, has anyone seen "Random 1"? It was on after "Airline" one night. It's a show about people going around the country for the sole purpose of helping people out who are in need. They don't give monetary donations, but they try everything in their power to get things to people less fortunate. I recommend that if you see it.

So, forgive me if I do not post in the next couple of days, but tonight I'm wiping my hard drive clean and reinstalling Windows. I've been having random problems with it, but it's not because of viruses or spyware. But... whatev... I hope it's not my hard drive failing.

Friday is the last day here at Duquesne before Thxgiving break, so I'll be home for the week starting the 19th. I can't wait to sit back, do nothing, and eat turkey. Yum. Towers had their annual Thxgiving meal last Thursday, and boy was it good. I've been coaxing my friends all week about it, and it didn't let me down. Congrats Duquesne Dining Services.

Newest craze: Tagging. What is tagging? A service provided by Facebook. It is where you upload your pictures, and indicate who with you in the pictures. Then, it "tags" to your friend's profile, so they can see the picture, along with the rest of the world. I uploaded a boatload of pictures already, and I'll add more shortly. So, there's a good chance that you'll be tagged very shortly (or already have been repeatedly) if you are one of my buds.

Well, I'm off to Steve and Berry's with 'Licia to pick up some cheap Duq clothes. Lata...

November 07, 2005

Recap of TV for the week

Hey everyone... I hope yinz had a great weekend. Mine was pretty boring - I was on duty for most of it. Highlights of the weekend included losing $5 in poker, and a 3am fire drill. But other than that, I can't really complain. haha

Thank goodness that the regular Sunday night line-up returned to Fox last night. I had enough of the baseball playoffs, and if you watched the Simpsons, you would understand. Family Guy did a great job of criticising the FCC in their episode. One of the biggest problems that the FCC cracks down on isn't sex shown on tv... it's bathroom jokes. Poop jokes. Fart jokes. Apparently, it really is censored. What a crazy world...

Additionally, as I was going through the channels this weekend on TV, I believe it was A&E had a show about people in the airport. I think it's called... "Airport"... or "Airplane"... something like that. Basically what it is, is they go around airports looking for stories about people and their lost connections, baggage, problems with tickets, etc. It's a reality show in an airport. It sounds so stupid, but actually, it was really entertaining. I caught myself thinking, "Man... I really hope the pilot lets Samantha on the plane with her dog... because if she doesn't get on the plane, she won't be able to get off work again to see her mother, which she hasn't seen in 6 months." So... lookout for that TV show... 2 thumb up!

Another awesome TV series - I Love the 80's: 3D. I can't believe VH1 made a 3rd installment on their most popular decade. Fun Fact: Did you know that in 1982, PETA through cans of red paint on people that were wearing fur? I thought that was amazing.

Oh, so I guess I should explain the picture. This was from last year. We learned in our infinite wisdom of the people in the honors college that hand sanitizer is very flammable, but fun. So... yeah... I love college. haha

p.s.... the spell check wasn't working for some reason, so if you find and error... shove it.

Update: Forgot to mention a couple things that occurred... first off, I was in the process of going laundry tonight - one load of colors, one load of whites. I thought to myself, this'll be a good opportunity to bleach my whites. Well, I don't know what I was doing, but I accedently poured some bleach into the colored washer. CRAP. I just got my laundry out, and I some of my clothes are ruined. (Cough cough... if my parents are reading this, you should feel pity on me, and lend me a hand $ wise... cough cough). I feel so stupid. AHHH

Oh, and the newest craze going around is Sudoku. It's a fun number puzzle, played in many newspapers. I've started to play last month, and it's getting increasingly more addicting. Check out the game... located in the "puzzle" sections in your local newspapers.

November 02, 2005

kinda freaky...

I forget where I got this from on the internet (so don't sue), but this is a pretty cool optical illusion. If you look at the pictures closely, and then from far away, the two pictures switch sides. Kinda awesome... I don't know how it does it. It seems easier if you save the picture, and then zoom in and out on your computer.

I'm one step closer to becoming an official college student. I had Ramen noodles today. "Oh big whoop... everyone eats that." Not many eat it straight from the package though. It was quite crunchy and very salty, but overall, not bad. It was worth the $.11 I paid for it. Yum

I hope everyone out there had a fun Halloween. I sure did. Stillers won, and no classes the next day. Can't beat that.

So I'm thinking about doing a trivia contest or something here on my blog. I can ask some questions, and the first person who gets it right will win... something. I actually have some ideas for prizes, so i think this could work. Maybe I'll do the contest tomorrow... or maybe I'll do it in a month. I dunno... that's why you have to keep on coming back and checking if I have the questions up... :-p