November 21, 2005

Light Up Night '05...

Ho ho ho... 'tis the season. Or at least, the city of Pittsburgh thinks it is. Friday night was Light Up Night, or as Amanda calls it, "Light up the World Night" (beats me where she got that from). Light Up Night is a fantastic time where people come to downtown Pittsburgh to ring in the Christmas season. I've came down to this for the past 4 years or so, and loved every single time. I went with my friends from Duquesne, or, at least, the people that still were there, because Friday was the last day of classes, so many went on home. This years moments included PPG Plaza, Gateway Center, and Point State Park for the fireworks. Other events that occurred within our group:

-eating ice cream outside while it was about 35 degrees, but it was fun non-of-the-less

-witnessed a pseudo-fight in Market Square, and I went up to the fight to take some pictures, but I stuck out my camera without aiming, so upon review, I didn't capture it:-(

-Hitting up the Udderly Smooth giant cow in Gateway Center for some free samples

-Trying to get some free cookies from a old woman in one of the booths, and got both free cookies and a Bible

-3 words: Frownie the Brownie. The costume makes him look sad, but the brownies were awesome

-spending 15 minutes watching a crane slowly lower and raise itself, because there was a rumor of them putting a reindeer on the roof... needless to say, that didn't happen, and was a waste of our time

-getting yelled at the manager of the McDonald's, because we ordered our food, and we were standing because there was no where to sit... we got kicked out...

-getting the back of my feet stepped on about... 50 times

-Niki finding me at The Point... nuff said

I always have fun at these events... this year was no exception.

Getting off the subject a lil, this past week was the week of that guy in Pennsylvania who killed his girlfriends mom, and drove across state lines or something like that. Normally, I don't pay attention to these things, but this case did. The killer's last name was Ludwig. Ah geez. Ludwig. What are the odds? I didn't think much of it, until I got to the library one evening. I was checking out some books, and I handed my school ID to the librarian. She looks at the card, looks at me, looks at the card again, and says to me, "You aren't the guy who killed all those people... right?" HAHA. Yes lady, I'm the guy... now, I'm standing here in the Duquesne Gumberg Library checking out books about "Latin and African American Women at Work". You caught me... call the cops. But regardless, this is one of at least 4 comments I received randomly throughout the week...


At 9:47 PM, Anonymous Tanya said...


Wow, sounds like you had a blast at "Light Up Night." Hopefully, I can be there next year and we can have all of the gang together too. :)

So, one of the items I wanted to tell you about the conference in Harrisburg was that on Thursday night we were watching the local news after watching ER. Everyone said that we needed to watch the local news to hear about the story of this kid who shot his parents and kidnapped his girlfriend. Needless to say, it was this guy who's last name was Ludwig. I found this a little creepy and strange, considering the name isn't very common. So, yeah, but it's good to know that you're not related and that I can rest easy at night. lol.

The librarians at Gumbrug need to find humor in the strangest things too, because, well, there job is working in Gumburg, which is very exciting you know. lol.

Highlight of my week: going to see the Rockettes tomorrow with my mom and sister. whoo hoo.

Have a great holiday! :)


At 10:20 PM, Blogger carinne said...

I saw that last name and thought it was bizarre. Very weird.


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