December 29, 2005

Cheez-Its are good...

No no... I didn't get a new dog this Christmas, even though mine is pushing past 10 in human years. This is my cousins dog, which I'm not too sure why I posted it. He's cute though. His name is Snickers Jr., which is one of the many puppies my cousins breed. "Pepsi" is the other black doggie. Cute though...

Should I post some more pictures of their doggies? Ok sure...:

Anyway, not much to report on. I got a couple new cool links:

My friend Corey and I actually attempted something like this before years ago, but it wasn't as great as this. Check this cool "flip book photography" movie.

The other link is of the worst job in the world, which, after seeing this, I'd have to agree. Not suitable for all audiences for some crude language selections. haha

December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas to all...

First off, I would like to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Years. I can't believe how fast the year went, and BAM... here we are at Christmas. Oh, and this week's featured picture is the Duquesne ice sculptures at light up night. Somehow, they remained intact throughout the last week.

I haven't been able to enjoy much of my break yet, because I've been working with my dad at the store this week. But after Christmas, I should be good. I have yet to get to my goal, which was to learn a bit of Chinese before I get back to Duquesne. Don't worry... I still got some time. Have some faith.

I don't know why, but there are just so many great sites and videos out there on the internet. These are some that I stumbled over, and were in my profile on AIM:

A man died, or flat lined, 32 times in 2o minutes, and still survived. What a horrible near death experience...

The auctions on eBay always surprises me... as in this. Who would pay this?

I want some chocolate milk!!! Someone forgot to turn off their headset while playing xBox Live. I've heard people acting like idiots before on Live, but not to the extent of this.

9/11: A day which every American will remember. We all know what happened on that day... or do we? All I ask is that you keep an open mind, and believe what you want to believe.

And on a much lighter and funnier note, This is why I search the archives of Google's videos.

In between working this week, I've been playing tetris with my cousin Isaac for a record 2 straight hours on one game on xbox, searching through people's garbage in Treesdale up north, kicked ass in laser storm, and ate everyone's food at Denny's. It's been a productive week.

December 16, 2005

Middle of December...

Here's a pic of the reflection off of the PPG building downtown during light up night. If you look closely at the windows, you can see people skating in the ice rink. Cool. Speaking of which, we got to go ice skating there soon. Even though I'm not real keen on the idea, I'll do it.

Today concluded the first semester of my second year here at Duquesne. And what a semester it was. I think I've worked the hardest yet, and it has paid off very well. The RA job is going well, I have some extra dough from working with my dad, my grades improved this semester, things are working out socially, and I'm really enjoying myself. Things to look forward next semester is my trip to Asia in May... I can't wait.

Now, I promised someone to write about our mall experience a couple of days ago.

Basically, we found out each others mannerisms. For example, Jordan's mannerisms or expressions include, "Not gonna lie." And Jen's are: "Oh please", and "What does that even mean?!" I suppose mine are "whatever floats your boat", and "No, wait". I don't know how we really got into that type of conversation, but we did. We used those phrases throughout the 28x bus ride to The Mall at Robinson, which, I'm sure pissed off the other passengers. We were the only ones talking, and everything we said included those phrases. They must have thought we were psycho or something. So anywho, we get to the mall, shop, and THEN we go to Ikea. I LOVE IKEA. I don't know why home furnishings get me going, but it goes. "$.50 for a candle wax catcher? That's MINE". I spent lots of money on weird Swedish items, but I don't regret it. I left the store enjoying a $.50 beef hot dog from the concession stand in Ikea. On the way home on the bus ride, I obviously had a lot of bags, so I placed them in the front of the 28x, which includes space to put suitcases and luggage. I placed it on the top shelf, and forgot about it. Then, the bus took a sharp turn on the way back, and a heavy picture frame came crashing down on this guy. Not the way I wanted to end my trip...

So I'm here at home until early January. I'll be on duty at Duquesne Dec 31st and Jan 1st (I don't want to hear about it), but other than those days, I'm up for anything. I realize that not everyone is fortunate to be out of finals yet, so I wish everyone the best of luck.

December 11, 2005

Back in action...

Hey everyone... so what is with that beach picture, you might ask? Well, to my surprise, my parents are considering going to Florida again this January. If so, you can bet I'm skipping out of Duquesne for the week. I absolutely love going to a warm climate in the middle of the winter. It does wonders. So hopefully, I'll be sitting on the beach the weekend of January 20th.

I'm finally done with Duquesne (with finals, that is). I completed my last final early on Saturday, after staying up all night studying for accounting. Basically, the last week was insane, with 3 finals on Friday, then this one. But all in all, it's done. I'm happy with the way things went. But I won't be home until Dec 16th, because as an RA, I have to remain on campus. It's actually a good thing, because all I'll be doing is sleeping, watching movies, and eating. Sounds like a pretty good vacation to me. If anyone wants to do something this week... lemme know. I can go places and such, but I must be back here by 11pm, which is the curfew for RAs because of finals. I always find something to do... it's not so bad.

So today, I spent the good part of it sleeping after my final this morning, but I did play some snow football and snow king of the hill, which where quite fun. I headed over to Towers for some more fun, which I'm not going to explain here in this blog. Afterwards, I took my floor to midnight mass here at Duquesne, which was amazing. The choir and singers were amazing, and even though I sat behind a pole which limited by view of everything because it was so crowded, I still enjoyed it. After that, I came back, ordered food for my floor who attended mass, and played cranium up until about 15 mins ago. Woooohoooo

So I found another great holy image here on the net. This time, it's a holy potato. Someone cut the potato open, only to find a perfect shape of a cross. What are they going to do with it? Sell it on EBay of course. Let me know if you purchase it... it looks cool.

That's all for now...

December 04, 2005

Yo ho ho...

Three's Company: Phil, Nick, Matt... we are all at light up night, chillin like villains. We make a good team...

Sorry for another boring update. Not much is new... just gearing up for finals next week, which are going to suck. I have 3 finals on Friday, and then one on Sat morn, then i'm done. But I'll still be required to be at Duquesne for a week after my last final. That should be an interesting week.

I also entered some online photography contests and sites, so maybe another picture of mine will get published. It's a long shot, but you never know.

So... yeah... that's my update. I'm not feeling to great right now, so my apologies. In the mean time, these Christmas lights always makes me feel better. You should check em out too...