December 11, 2005

Back in action...

Hey everyone... so what is with that beach picture, you might ask? Well, to my surprise, my parents are considering going to Florida again this January. If so, you can bet I'm skipping out of Duquesne for the week. I absolutely love going to a warm climate in the middle of the winter. It does wonders. So hopefully, I'll be sitting on the beach the weekend of January 20th.

I'm finally done with Duquesne (with finals, that is). I completed my last final early on Saturday, after staying up all night studying for accounting. Basically, the last week was insane, with 3 finals on Friday, then this one. But all in all, it's done. I'm happy with the way things went. But I won't be home until Dec 16th, because as an RA, I have to remain on campus. It's actually a good thing, because all I'll be doing is sleeping, watching movies, and eating. Sounds like a pretty good vacation to me. If anyone wants to do something this week... lemme know. I can go places and such, but I must be back here by 11pm, which is the curfew for RAs because of finals. I always find something to do... it's not so bad.

So today, I spent the good part of it sleeping after my final this morning, but I did play some snow football and snow king of the hill, which where quite fun. I headed over to Towers for some more fun, which I'm not going to explain here in this blog. Afterwards, I took my floor to midnight mass here at Duquesne, which was amazing. The choir and singers were amazing, and even though I sat behind a pole which limited by view of everything because it was so crowded, I still enjoyed it. After that, I came back, ordered food for my floor who attended mass, and played cranium up until about 15 mins ago. Woooohoooo

So I found another great holy image here on the net. This time, it's a holy potato. Someone cut the potato open, only to find a perfect shape of a cross. What are they going to do with it? Sell it on EBay of course. Let me know if you purchase it... it looks cool.

That's all for now...


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