December 29, 2005

Cheez-Its are good...

No no... I didn't get a new dog this Christmas, even though mine is pushing past 10 in human years. This is my cousins dog, which I'm not too sure why I posted it. He's cute though. His name is Snickers Jr., which is one of the many puppies my cousins breed. "Pepsi" is the other black doggie. Cute though...

Should I post some more pictures of their doggies? Ok sure...:

Anyway, not much to report on. I got a couple new cool links:

My friend Corey and I actually attempted something like this before years ago, but it wasn't as great as this. Check this cool "flip book photography" movie.

The other link is of the worst job in the world, which, after seeing this, I'd have to agree. Not suitable for all audiences for some crude language selections. haha


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