January 26, 2006

Here's some more...

Photos include: Hotel pool... which was amazing; and 2 shots of the airport... read on to understand what happened.

Today was the last full day in the States for the students of Duquesne who are studying abroad this Spring. Phil, Stacy, Jackie, Bill, Manly; you will all be missed. You guys have a great time in Rome. Make sure to get on AIM one of these days and talk to us.

So... about this trip. My mom, myself, and my brother Dan were relaxing on the beach for the first day that I was there. We were getting ready to leave, and I noticed this film crew strolling down the sidewalk. I figured this group was shooting a little movie, but I didn't know what kind it was until one of the kids took off his towel and revealed a very skimpy speedo. Then it dawned on me. Our family is standing right behind a gay-porno shoot. There was a fake lifeguard to "rescue" this kid... I dunno. We were on our way out when they came in, but this just made us want to leave faster.

So after that, we had a pretty normal vacation... until we were coming home. Our flight got delayed, so we decided to eat some dinner at a Chili's in the airport. We were sitting next to the windows that viewed the tarmac. My mom noticed a police car screeching to a halt at the base of one plane. Then, a couple more police cars followed suit. This started to grab our attention. It appeared that the police officers were frisking a passenger on a plane. Then the fun began. The passenger bolted away from police custody, and ran to the middle of the tarmac. Lucky for me, I had my camera handy. It's not a great pic, but I got a shot of when the police officers slammed the guy onto the ground. The maced him, and took him into police custody. Apparently, he jumped OUT of a plane earlier, because he was psycho or something like that.

So that was our excitement for the week. Let's look ahead now in less than 2 weeks, the Stillers will be playing in Detroit. How amazing is that?? So... who is having some Super Bowl parties???

January 25, 2006

Sure beats the weather in Pittsburgh...

Sry for the long wait for the next post. I've been busy soaking up the sights and sounds down there in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. Even though I was only down there for an extended weekend, I'm glad I had the oppertunity to go. Weather was alright - warm, but a bit breezy with scattered sunshine. The resort we stayed at was fancy schmancy... way to nice for a resort. Felt a little out of place staying at a place where everyone drove BMWs and Mercedes. We looked at the room service prices for the heck of it: $17 for 2 eggs, toast, bacon or sausage, and juice. Keep in mind that didn't account for the $3 delivery fee, plus accplicable taxes, plus a 20% service fee and gratuity. Who pays for that kind of stuff?

I have a couple of stories that I want to share, but I'm out of time tonight. I promise to get another update (at the lastest tomorrow) sharing more insight. But for right now, I'm tired...

January 16, 2006

Happy MLK day...

Here's a pic of the pens game when I went with Nicole. She had an extra ticket, and I can't say no to that. Even though the Pens lost, we still enjoyed laughing at how fat the guy was in front of me and discussing Family Guy.

How bout 'dem Stillers? Wow... what a game. As soon as we thought we won, we didn't. So who's ready to take on Denver next week?

So... an update to the whole Arts Festival. I found out that there are special "scholarships" for a free booth for emerging artists. I meet all the requirements, so I'm going to go for it. On the website, it states that it is highly selective, so I have no idea on the outcome. If that doesn't work out, some people expressed interest in sharing a booth. Applications are due early in February, so I guess I should get starting on them. Thx for everyone's imput.

As the temperatures drop this week, all I can think of is Florida. I'm able to get away for this weekend retreat down to Ft. Lauderale. Mentally, I'm already there. I can't wait. w00t w00t

January 10, 2006

This summer...

Well, I'm back at Duquesne for the start of what I hope is a great semester. I've moved back in, and decorated my walls a bit with various photographs I printed out over break. One frame that I bought smashed into little shards of glass because it slipped out of my hand while I was trying to hang it up on the wall. Great. What a mess.

But since I've decorated my room, I can't help but think. Is it time to bring my artwork to the world? Should I sell some of my best photos?

The push I needed happened tonight. I was with Jon, another RA here in Ann's, and he saw my photos, and really enjoyed them. I suggested that he take one of my frames and take some of my 4x6s so he can put it in his room. He asked why I don't sell them, or make postcards out of them. Well... maybe I should.

I'm fortunate enough that my dad has his own business, so I can start from there. I can showcase some of my photos around his store, and possibly work in some of my photos in his baskets. I talked with my dad, and even though the details aren't set yet, he is supportive, and willing. I think that's a good way to get off the ground.

I know I talked about this months ago, but what has remained on my mind is the Three Rivers Arts Festival. Could I possibly pull it off? I would love to showcase my photos to the general public for a few days during this summer. If I do go ahead with this, my goal would be to break even. It costs money for the tent and other various things, but I would just love to break even. Maybe someone else can join me with their artwork and we can go from there. I've put a little research into this, and if I was to go ahead with this, applications are due by February.

So, it's something to think about. My Christmas gift to my family were photo books of many of my photographs. My family loved it, and it's a great thing to keep on the coffee table when guests come over. I love looking at the reactions of people that view the photo book. Maybe it's time I get out of my comfortable little hole and showcase some of these photos to the world.

What do you think?

January 04, 2006

Why does it have to rain?

Another picture of light up night at Duquesne. Minto, Vanessa, Caitlin (not shown) and I decided to get our pictures taken with Santa. It's surprising that I'll be back starting the 2nd semester in less than a week.

Over New Years, I was on duty at Duq. That meant that I had to stay in my old roomies' room if they need me for something. I did get one lockout call, so the 2 days wasn't a complete waste. I spent most of it watching movies and playing video games. And friends stopping over to visit me only sweetened the experience...

Yesterday, I tried to go skiing with my bud Corey. I was excited until I woke up that morning and I saw that it was 52 degrees and raining. Bah. Then again, I spent the day with Corey watching more movies and catching up. I haven't seen him since... well, i don't know when the last time was.

It's a slow week for the weird and the wacky. I always keep an eye out for the latest stupid thing to stumble across the internet.

A while back while in a local drug store, I came upon these candies. Bulls-Eyes. Nothing wrong there. But the company was what surprised me. Goetze's. I admit it's sorta an inside joke between some people at Duquesne, but if you understand internet humor in the past year or two, you'll get it. Goetze's candies... hahaha. I'm not eating those.