January 26, 2006

Here's some more...

Photos include: Hotel pool... which was amazing; and 2 shots of the airport... read on to understand what happened.

Today was the last full day in the States for the students of Duquesne who are studying abroad this Spring. Phil, Stacy, Jackie, Bill, Manly; you will all be missed. You guys have a great time in Rome. Make sure to get on AIM one of these days and talk to us.

So... about this trip. My mom, myself, and my brother Dan were relaxing on the beach for the first day that I was there. We were getting ready to leave, and I noticed this film crew strolling down the sidewalk. I figured this group was shooting a little movie, but I didn't know what kind it was until one of the kids took off his towel and revealed a very skimpy speedo. Then it dawned on me. Our family is standing right behind a gay-porno shoot. There was a fake lifeguard to "rescue" this kid... I dunno. We were on our way out when they came in, but this just made us want to leave faster.

So after that, we had a pretty normal vacation... until we were coming home. Our flight got delayed, so we decided to eat some dinner at a Chili's in the airport. We were sitting next to the windows that viewed the tarmac. My mom noticed a police car screeching to a halt at the base of one plane. Then, a couple more police cars followed suit. This started to grab our attention. It appeared that the police officers were frisking a passenger on a plane. Then the fun began. The passenger bolted away from police custody, and ran to the middle of the tarmac. Lucky for me, I had my camera handy. It's not a great pic, but I got a shot of when the police officers slammed the guy onto the ground. The maced him, and took him into police custody. Apparently, he jumped OUT of a plane earlier, because he was psycho or something like that.

So that was our excitement for the week. Let's look ahead now in less than 2 weeks, the Stillers will be playing in Detroit. How amazing is that?? So... who is having some Super Bowl parties???


At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

marquis! that is hysterical about the gay porn set. you should have asked for a role in the film.

glad florida was fun for you!

Go Steelers!!


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