January 04, 2006

Why does it have to rain?

Another picture of light up night at Duquesne. Minto, Vanessa, Caitlin (not shown) and I decided to get our pictures taken with Santa. It's surprising that I'll be back starting the 2nd semester in less than a week.

Over New Years, I was on duty at Duq. That meant that I had to stay in my old roomies' room if they need me for something. I did get one lockout call, so the 2 days wasn't a complete waste. I spent most of it watching movies and playing video games. And friends stopping over to visit me only sweetened the experience...

Yesterday, I tried to go skiing with my bud Corey. I was excited until I woke up that morning and I saw that it was 52 degrees and raining. Bah. Then again, I spent the day with Corey watching more movies and catching up. I haven't seen him since... well, i don't know when the last time was.

It's a slow week for the weird and the wacky. I always keep an eye out for the latest stupid thing to stumble across the internet.

A while back while in a local drug store, I came upon these candies. Bulls-Eyes. Nothing wrong there. But the company was what surprised me. Goetze's. I admit it's sorta an inside joke between some people at Duquesne, but if you understand internet humor in the past year or two, you'll get it. Goetze's candies... hahaha. I'm not eating those.


At 6:34 PM, Anonymous alyssa said...

markus doin shots of honey/unidentified substance at enp.

now that is the stuff dreams are made of. wait... maybe that's what the stuff in the honey was???

At 7:31 PM, Blogger carinne said...

I know what you mean about the warm weather... I've also been trying to ski all week. Finally, tomorrow, i'm doing it, come monsoon or broken leg, I will be sinking my ass through the soggy fake snow of Seven Springs.

Global warming at its best...

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