February 27, 2006

Look at me...

Here's a pic of a lighthouse down in Miami. I took this right before I had a very interesting conversation with some locals about American Idol and what snow feels like. Whatever floats their boat...

So it was somewhat of a big week for me. I had a big week of school - hw, projects, midterms and all, and next week is no exception. I'm just really looking forward to Spring Break, which starts March 4 - March 12. So I'm not really sure what schools have off at that time - I think Pitt does tho. I'll be available, so call the BUTT and make some plans.

I was at a meeting with my RD, and we were discussing the renovated study lounge about to be completed in St. Ann's. He mentioned that he just needed some artwork. So... I had to ask him. I told him that I could have some pictures that he could use. I showed him my portfolio, and he ran it by the Director of Residence Life. They both agreed it was a good idea. So what does that mean for me? Well, I'm printing 6 photos of mine that I took around Pittsburgh in various locations. I'm priting them at 32x24, so they will be quite large. We'll also matte and frame them to perfection. I'm getting reimbursed for all my materials, plus a bit on top for my effort and artwork. I hope this can be completed before I leave for Spring Break. So, technically, I'm a professional photographer - I sold some of my artwork :-) .

I'll showcase my showcase when it is completed. I'm so excited!

One mistake that I made was going down to Ritz Camera this week to look at the cameras. I picked up a digital SLR, and... now I'm addicted. So chances are I'm going to make a major investment for my hobby in the next few weeks. But... if I'm serious about the matter, I need a serious camera.

I had the oppertunity to chillax with Ash, Shell, and Chris on Saturday, which included doing everything in Pittsburgh in one day. We went out to eat, we shopped in the Strip, we spent time at Duquesne and at Pitt, we ate some more, and finished the night with a movie. Thx for making it possible Ash.

I now have some "learn Chinese" CDs that my grandma picked up for me. Hopefully I'll know more than a couple of phrases before I leave for the mainland in May.

February 19, 2006

Money Money...

So Did anyone win Powerball? I know there was just one grand prize winner of the $365 million prize, but did anyone get anything less than that? Our group went in on a pool... we spent about $35 and won about $7. It was still worth the chance of getting a shot at that prize.

February 13, 2006

Hey Jerome...

Alright... I'm sorry everyone. I haven't been faithful to my blog. Recently I just have had a lack on interest in keeping it going. I hope it's out of my system now.

So I must say - this is one benefit of going to Duquesne. You get to participate in events happening downtown, and it's only a short walk. Last week, we had the Steelers victory parade, which was, unbelievable to say the least. I couldn't believe how many people were downtown celebrating the victory over Seattle on Super Bowl XL. Lucky for us students, Duquesne suspended classes for about 3 hours so everyone could come downtown to celebrate. How sweet is that?

On Friday, I got my letter saying they want me back as an RA again next year. Like I didn't see that coming. It should be nice to have a bit of a leverage against the new RAs next year - maybe I'll finally get a bathroom next year. Well actually, let me rephrase that... I WILL get a bathroom next year. If I don't... well, that just better not happen.

Over the weekend I spent a lot of time sleeping, which was awesome, but I also had some time to spend with some buds from Shaler. Alicia, Chelsey, Amanda, Julie, Nate, Joe, and I got together at Chili's to rememise. Ah fun times. A also learned how to dance with Alicia just like "On Dancing with the Stars", or whatever that show is. And I also learned that Oprah looked like a slave on her last magazine cover.

Cya later...