April 19, 2006


So here we are - April 19th. We are getting down to the home stretch. I'm already starting to feel the pinch - work is piling up in every class. But I'm sure everyone is feeling that right about now. I'm envious of all the students going to Pirate games and outside playing sports... but I just have too much to do.

One might ask, "very interesting pic". Well, if you live in Pittsburgh, I'm sure everyone knows all the wild weather we had last week. Pittsburgh was lighting up with bolts every which way. I got on the backporch of St. Ann's and snapped a shot of the storm. I wish I was at a different location (other than staring right at the parking garage), but, I'll take what I can get.

So, in less than 20 days, I'll be overseas experiencing the culture of China and Japan. So, I really hope to be updating my blog more often to keep an update on what I'm doing over there. I'm not bringing my laptop there, but I'm hoping to just borrow someone's or find an internet cafe. It should be a lot of fun, and I'm already preparing to take literally 1000s of shots. I'm probably only going there once in my life, so I might as well make the best of it.

Last weekend was Easter Break, and although it was way to short, I'm glad I got to see my family and all of my friends. I especially love playing Tetris with my cousin Isaac on xBox for hours. I don't know why it entertains us so much, but it does.

oOo... and just so everyone knows, Alias will be premiering Wednesday at 9pm on ABC. Of course I have to miss it because of ORL spring workshop, but iTunes just picked up the show, so I can download all the episodes I missed. So tomorrow, I will be finding out what building I'm RAing in next year - I'm predicting either Ann's again or Vickroy. Either way, I won't have to share a bathroom with 35 other people ever again... haha


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