April 11, 2006

Eeeek no pictures...

I don't know if it is the network or something, but I can't post pictures. Major sad face :-(

Well I'll try to do without. So over the weekend, I went out with Ashley to LuLu's Noodles, and I think I had the best Lo Mein of my life there. Now I compare all chinese food to the Great Wall Chinese Buffet in Allison Park, which is amazing. But somehow, LuLu's topped them. I feel sorry for anyone who has not been to this restaurant yet... located in the heart of Oakland on Craig Street, it features great noodle and rice platters for a reasonable price. Wow I need to go again...

Afterwards, we headed down to Harris Theatre downtown to watch American Gun. This was my first time to an independent movie theatre, and it won't be my last. They show great movies for a great price - $5 for students. The movie wasn't bad, although it didn't really have an ending... it just stopped, which was a little irratating.

On Saturday night, I spent a majority of it locked in my room working on an Accounting budgeting project, but at around 8pm I stepped out for a bit to play bingo. Good thing too- because in a few games, I racked up a Tshirt and $20 in gift certificates.

AND WHO IS READY FOR EASTER BREAK?! I know I am. I'm tired of constant projects and assignments. I'm looking forward to almost a week off right before finals. I'll be home the 13th through 17th, if anyone cares.

FYI: If you are over in the UK, stop taking pictures of monkeys from your camera phone. This probably explains it all.


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