May 06, 2006


Greetings from Beijing. Our group is all doing very well, after an extremely long travel period. We must have spent 24 hours traveling, including layovers, waits, and just plain ol' confusion. We are here staying at Jiaotong University in a hotel on campus. When I say "hotel", it's basically a dorm room. It has a working toilet and shower, so it's all good.

We spent our first day learning the campus and the surounding area. Beijing is quite large, so there is still a lot left to explore. I would really like to show some pictures that I took, but, I'm lucky enough to be on a computer. I'm in an internet cafe here typing away, which is close to the University.

We traveled to the forbidden city today. The forbidden city is the area where China's emporers stay. It's quite large and breathtaking. Once again, I wish I could show the pictures, but maybe at a later time.

We enjoyed lunch at a local restuarant, which was quite good. The food was delicious. I think the highlight of the meal was my first LEGAL beer. haha. It was great.
Another great thing about China is how cheap everything is. I mean, very cheap. A meal at this restaurant (which is exactly like Seseme Inn in the States) cost about 30 yuan each, which included alcohol. That's roughly $4. I got stuffffffffed. Man that was good food.
Well, I'm being pressed for time again, so I'll keep in touch. We are all doing well, and I have many stories to share.


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