May 10, 2006

Last day in Beijing

Well, it has been a great past 2 days here in Beijing. Our tour guides are very friendly and they love to spend time with us. Yesterday, we had a caligraphy class in the morning, and toured a China steel plant in the evening. Pretty lackluster I thought, but oh well. We had an interesting lunch though. We were fed these local dishes that are pretty popular, and it didn't go well with us. The food was way to exotic, and not very enjoyable. We were greatful when they served us a bunch of food that resembled chicken wings. It was finally something that we could relate too. Although, at the time, we didn't know that we were eating frog legs. BLEHH. Although, it did taste like chicken. Another group at the restaurant had cow penis for lunch. I guess by comparison, it wasn't so bad.

Later that night we went to see a Chinese acrobat show, which was quite good. I have no idea how those people do what they do. We saw 12 people pile on to one bike while riding it around the stage. Pretty good!

Late last night we hit up the KTV, which was the local karoke bar. Although everyone was shy at first, the unlimited supply of beer helped the situation a bit. Sure enough, I lost my voice for the rest of the night. haha

Today, we went to see a guy whose name rhymes with Dao. Well, we saw his mosuleum. After that quick visit in T. Square, we went onward to lunch and shopping. We were VERY greatful when the place that we stopped at to shop had a Pizza Hut next door. Needless to say... it was one of the best lunches! Later, we hit up Silk Street. This is a large shop were we can get some things by haggling. I bought a few items, but it was a lot of fun to negociate with the sellers. Although, they are really trying to sell you the product, and will literally pull you into their little booth when you pass by. I have a video of them pulling me into one. I was just shooting around, and then BAM - I apparently was going to buy shoes. Although I could have gotten a fake pair of Nike Shox for about 150 yuan (about 17ish bucks), I decided to pass on that offer.

We ended the night by enjoying a dinner at a revolving restaurant situated at a top of a building. Great food. Oh, and they had birds nest soup there... but it didn't look too appitizing.

Tomorrow morning we are up bright and early (catch the bus by 6am) to Lhasa. We'll be on our way to western china, so, maybe in about 5 days I can post another post. The one night we are at everest base camp, the hotel doesn't have electricity or running water. Fun....

Hope everyone is doing well - talk to you later!!


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