July 27, 2006

Another contest!

Well, in honor of my blog's first birthday, I wanted to have a little contest that my loyal readers can participate in. So I was debating what to do for this contest. Since I always post some of my pictures on the blog, why not have a photo contest?

Ok... so here are the rules of the contest. To be eligible for the contest, your picture must fit into one of these categories...

Scenery, people, sports, night life, animals, humor, and Pittsburgh

Also, you can only submit a maximum of 3 pictures. (You can submit more than one picture for a category as well).

So I want to see what everyone else can do! I wanted an easy way to just upload it to the blog, but I found that to be too complicated, so just email them to me. It doesn't matter what resolution the pictures are - just make sure the pictures are in jpeg format. The photos can be touched up, but cannot be made completely in Photoshop.

My email address is arkisman@gmail.com .

As for grading all of the pictures, I will grade your picture from a scale of 1-5, and I will have an independent 3rd party grade them as well. I will post the winners of each of the categories on my blog, and announce a grand prize winner. The grand prize winner will receive something of value - of at least $5-$10 (hey I'm still a cheap college student).

I guess I should make a deadline as well... let's say... 8/9/06. Get your pictures submitted by that date to be eligible.

So, snap away!


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At 10:01 PM, Blogger Lauren said...

what about pr0n?

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