July 15, 2006

July 25th 2005...

Holy crap - so as Carinne pointed out to me, this blog is almost a year old. Wow... it's been a year already? I'm surprised I kept with it. Pearls Before Swine turns 1 year old on July 25th - Make sure to look for a birthday contest of some sorts. I just need to think of something to create.

Well, the past week I went down to Washington DC for a short little vaca with some friends. We did the normal touristy stuff - visited all the monuments and such, which turned out to be a great extended weekend. Next week, I'll be going out to Colorado and some western states with my family for a nice little vacation. As soon as I get home from that, I'm going up to Camp Bock for almost a week. Then back for a bit, then off to MD for a family reunion. I'll have to leave the reunion early, as I will be going back to Duquesne on the 15th of August. Not much time left for summer I guess :-
Well did everyone catch the All-Star game? Sure hope you did, because it was held in Pittsburgh obviously. Jordan and I went downtown for the game, and watched part of it on the Roberto Clemente Bridge. We couldn't really see anything, but it was still pretty cool to be there and experiencing it. We met some students from Ohio who were playing cornhole on the bridge, and invited us to join in. I guess the game is an Ohio thing - I had no idea what it was, but Jordan was really excited about it (he's from there). Later we grabbed some chicken from the Lemon Grass restaurant, and chatted with the owners, who wanted advise on how to advertise to Duquesne. We put our two cents in and told them what to do. Maybe they will take our advice and offer delivery service at night to Duquesne... yumm

So basically for the summer I've just been working when I can from home, and enjoying every oppertunity that gets thrown at me. I'm really glad I didn't really get a full time job this summer - I'd be missing out on a lot of things!

p.s. leave me some advice for the contest thingy - perhaps I will use your idea. A wonderful super fabulous prize will of course be awarded to the winner.


At 2:55 PM, Blogger Lauren said...

maybe the classic "how many marbles are in this jar?"

or "how many pictures does mark have on his comp?"

i dunno if YOU even know!

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