August 10, 2006

Who is the winnnnnnnnnner?

Well, first off I'd like to thank the people that submitted your photos. I got about 20-25 pictures to grade... not so bad. I appreciate everyone sending in there entries. When I had people judge these photos, I got a wide spectrum of people's taste. But I told them to grade on the photograph, not the subject. Well, here are the results.

Alright... so lots of people sent in scenery photos. But one of the high scorers was this one:

(Taken by Jon Waldbauer - Flags of Duquesne - *from is PHONE*)

And also, this one:

(sent in by Carinne Park- taken in Gettysburg PA)

Next category was people. Some of the pictures just... weren't good. But we did get a great entry.

(Taken by Jordan Posey - PPG Fountains)

For sports... we really didn't have an entry. Oh well, I guess it wasn't a popular genre.

Now, for night life, one entry stood out for the crowd, because it indeed encompass the "night life" genre.

(Taken by Jon Waldbauer - concert)

And then, we have animals. Best one of the bunch was this picture:

(Taken by Jordan Posey - Goose)

Now... for humor, we had some entries, but they weren't really deemed photo worthy. (I'm sry to the people that sent in some of these pics - you know who you are - just no one I talked to liked them)

And last but not least, there is Pittsburgh. There were two great entries, and here they are:

(Taken by Tanya Zehnder - Pittsburgh)

(Taken by Jordan Posey again - Smithfield St Bridge)

Now... who takes the cake? Well, there was one picture on here that everyone liked no matter who they were.

This person didn't think that this photo was good, but CARINNE PARK's photo of the Gettysburg fog was loved by all. Congrats Carinne! You did it - you are obviously not a lousy photographer. I even showed my mom afterwards, and she said she wants a print of it.

So what did you win Carinne? You win a $10 gift certificate to iTunes. So buy what you like... hope you enjoy.

So if anyone is interested, there is a real photo contest going on from VisitPittsburgh. They are looking for pics of Pittsburgh and the countryside. Winner nets a cool $1,000. Check it out if you are interested here (that's a little more than my measly $10 gift certificate).

August 07, 2006

Get in those entries!!